Handpainted Buffalo Bone Tomahawk & Spear

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Creek Indian handpainted buffalo shoulder bone tomahawk with a beaded and studded handle will make the perfect, unique accent piece to any collection.


This is a fabulous Native American buffalo shoulder bone tomahawk war club made by an actual artist of the Creek Indians. Beautiful and decorative, this war club tomahawk is decorated with genuine beaver fur, horse hair and hand bead work. The head of the tomahawk is crafted from a real buffalo shoulder bone with a handpainted eagle design for a very unique and beautiful look. This tomahawk also includes a studded wooden handle and chipped stone point.

Perfect for pow wow regalia, dance or decoration, this war club is very well made. It would also look great as rustic home decoration for southwest Native American decor or western ranch or cabin. Measures approximately 33″, actual tomahawk is shown.


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